Case Study: How the Boston Celtics
brought their legendary branding back to
their virtual events.


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Since their original founding in 1946, the world-famous Boston Celtics have been one of the most successful and popular teams in the history of the NBA. With 17 national championships, the Celtics currently hold the record for the most wins of any professional basketball team. Known for their iconic green branding and parquet court floor, the Celtics have been a dominant presence in the NBA for decades.


The Boston Celtics run nearly 100 events every year to keep their fans connected, informed, and entertained. During COVID-19, they switched to pure virtual events. What could the Celtics do to keep their famous branding in the picture for virtual attendees, and how could they keep giving them the VIP treatment?

Before Parcy

With Parcy

Hosting events on Parcy has helped elevate the virtual experience for our most important customers. Our iconic branding and Celtics “feel” are integral parts of our focus on fan engagement. With Parcy I’m able to customize the experience with colors, logos and key identity elements just as I would for an in-person event. The Parcy platform is user friendly and the Parcy team is great to work with too!

Tessa Caffrey

Vice President, Boston Celtics Corporate Events

As live events start to come back into the picture, the Boston Celtics plan to continue using Parcy to plan and manage live events and to provide virtual streaming options for attendees who cannot be there in person. With fans back in the TD Garden and normal operations on the horizon, the organization is in a powerful position to keep their fans connected and engaged no matter how they participate in future events.

Parcy Features Used by the Boston Celtics:

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