What Are Virtual Events and Who Plans Them?

Sami Sommer
Sami Sommer

2020 saw a massive surge in virtual events, with the majority of planned live events getting canceled or deferred. Virtual Events are experiences that include attendees who are not there in person. These virtual attendees could be viewing and participating from a remote location via desktop or smartphone. The virtual event planning landscape is rich with cool technology and solution providers who can help organizations virtualize their experiences.

Parcy is proud to be a part of this landscape, creating beautiful beautiful virtual events since before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Throughout 2021 and beyond, Parcy will continue to help event planners with their events, whether those events are live, virtual, or a combination of both.

Parcy from the Beginning

Parcy’s platform started about three years ago when the two co-founders, Gianluca Serrenti and Diego Murru, saw an opportunity to make it easy for anyone to plan beautiful, customized events. They soon joined forces, combining their backgrounds in events planning and web development and created Parcy, a SaaS platform for planning and streaming spectacular events.

Both Serrenti and Murru understood how complicated it can be to plan effective events. With their knowledge and skills, they could create a platform that would help these people create the best events possible. Parcy’s first iteration focused on wedding planners. However, Serrenti and Murru quickly realized that a lot of events, from webinars, to symposiums, to educational workshops, could use the simplicity that Parcy has to offer.

Expanding the Marketplace

They began adding tools such as attendee list management, page builders for branding, custom imagery, and more. As those options grew, so did the possibility for video content delivery, which soon became one of the core services that Parcy offers today.

In hindsight, it seems obvious that virtual event platforms would be in high demand. But pre-pandemic, most virtual event solutions were designed mostly for very large conferences, or for sole proprietors looking to advertise local events. 2020 opened up virtual event planning to a much broader spectrum of the market.

Redefining "Events"

It's easy to assume that "events" only refers to big conferences. Or to think that the only people who care about planning events are people who have "events" in their title. Time to rethink!

Events come in all shapes and sizes, and the opportunity for virtual events highlights just how creative you can be. Are you a marketing professional working on lead generation? That webinar you're planning for attracting customers is a <surprise!> Virtual Event! The Sales Kickoff multi-day experience? It's an event! The Zoom session for your customer advisory board? Event. The channel partner training session with global attendees? Event.

Defined this way, "Event Planners" could be marketing managers, channel reps, sales executives, sponsorship coordinators, HR trainers...almost anybody really. Did you realize that you plan events?

Parcy Can Help

Parcy provides a way to re-imagine what events can look like, and how attendees can interact with each other. It helps speakers and audiences connect across distances in a time where the need has never been more pronounced. And virtual event technology creates an almost infinite scalability to expand audiences. It's a platform not just for planning events, but for planning a full, beautiful experience for people.

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