Optimize your travel management process

Design a travel plan for your attendees or internal team by showing them their routes for travels and accommodations.


Create a Travel Plan

Connect your attendee list and insert information about your travel plan with ease from departing location to departing date. Decide if you want the plan to be hidden on registration or shown.


Add Travel Resources

Select the transportation type and easily fill out all of the details associated with it. Include the departure location ‘From’ and departure location ‘To’ without struggle.


Add Accommodation Resources

Choose the accommodation type and simply fill out all of the details associated with it. Add more rooms and decide on the room type based upon your attendee list.


Assign Travel Plan to Attendees

Implement a route where everything comes together in a simple flow. As your attendee registers for your event, preassign a travel route to them or only keep the route for your internal team.