All About Travel & Hospitality

Sami Sommer
Sami Sommer

As an event professional, it’s safe to say that organizing travel & hospitality for attendees and internal team is a big task. Not only do you need to book all the flights and arrange the hotel stay, you have to figure out all the details that come along with that. With a platform like Parcy, you can easily optimize your travel management process.


You’ll need to create a travel plan for your event coming up. Figure out basic details for your event such as departing location, departing date, which attendees need to be involved, and max number of extra guests.


Begin to book the transportation type along with departing from/to and the arrival date/time. As well as booking the transportation back. Make sure and decide whether you want to allow overbooking or just exact units. TIP: Keep in mind, when flying attendees, they will also need a transportation such as a bus to arrive at their hotel or resort.


After you book transportation, it’s time to find the best accommodation. Make sure and find an accommodation not only close to the airport, but as close as you can to the location of your event. This will help ease attendees from being stressed about the timing to get ready for the event. Also, decide on room type and which attendee goes in which room.


Using Parcy, you can create a route where everything comes together using your travel plan. The first step starting with travel plan, next step with transportation type, and final step with accommodation. 

It can be complicated to put together a whole travel & hospitality process. Thankfully, Parcy has made this process more clear and less complicated. Remember to always keep your attendees and internal team in the loop, especially with travel & hospitality.