Webinar-style events for 2022?

Sami Sommer
Sami Sommer

Are you a company that offers webinars to your attendees? With all the various event planning and rearranging for 2022, webinar-style events might be a great avenue for your organization.

A webinar is an interactive way for the host to connect with their attendees in a close-knit setting emphasizing training or learning. Usually, there are one or more presenters discussing the topics of interest for an hour or less.

Certain elements that you would expect in a webinar-style event are different visual effects such as live streams of the presenters, slide show sharing, and Q&A.

I know this may sound similar to a virtual event, but there are differences.

A virtual event is a whole experience different than providing just one aspect for attendees such as webinars. They usually are a much longer time frame and are similar to in-person in every way except of course the obvious not in-person factor. Check out our blog post discussing more in-depth what a virtual event is!

When you begin to build your webinar strategy for 2022, make sure and keep a few of these ideas in mind:

  • Make sure and focus on one main element for your webinar.
  • Send a reminder email on the day of the event to help increase attendance.
  • Select the appropriate time in which you believe your targeted attendees would watch.
  • Try to not make your content super salesy as it may turn away your attendee engagement.

For more detailed tips on webinars, check out this article written by 99 Firms!

With webinars, the idea is to capture attendee information in order to reach out to them through your sales or marketing team. Using your branding and various eye-catching ideas, such as a smooth process to register and participate, your attendees will remember you. This makes it easier to reconnect with them after the webinar is over.

Easily replicate your webinars using an event management platform with the capabilities for an easy transition to the next webinar. Check out the event page feature to see how simple it can be!

If you are an organization where you need to capture leads and engage with them, webinars may be a good 2022 strategy for you.