What is Parcy?

Sami Sommer
Sami Sommer

Virtual events have become more popular in the last year, and with good reason. However, while a lot of platforms have scrambled to keep up with an ever-changing landscape, Parcy has been creating beautiful virtual events since before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Throughout 2021 and beyond, Parcy will continue to help event planners with their events, whether those events are live, virtual, or a combination of both. 

Parcy from the Beginning 

Parcy's platform started about three years ago when the two co-founders, Gianluca Serrenti and Diego Murru, saw an opportunity to make it easy for anyone to plan beautiful, customized events. They soon joined forces, combining their backgrounds in events planning and web development and created Parcy, a SaaS platform for planning and streaming spectacular events. 

Both Serrenti and Murru understood how complicated it can be to plan effective events. With their knowledge and skills, they could create a platform that would help these people create the best events possible. Parcy's first iteration focused on wedding planners. However, Serrenti and Murru quickly realized that a lot of events, from team meetings to educational workshops, could use the simplicity that Parcy has to offer. 

They began adding tools such as attendee list management, page builders for branding, custom imagery, and more. As those options grew, so did the possibility for video content delivery, which soon became one of the core services that Parcy offers today. 

In hindsight, it seems obvious that virtual event platforms would be in high demand. But pre-pandemic, most virtual event solutions were designed mostly for very large conferences and power users. 2020 opened up that demand to the rest of the marketplace.

In a recent interview with Matt Riley, the CMO of Parcy, Matt said that Parcy provides a way to re-imagine what events can look like, and how attendees can interact with each other. It helps speakers and audiences connect across distances in a time where the need has never been more pronounced. And virtual event technology creates an almost infinite scalability to expand audiences. “Parcy is a platform not just for planning events," Matt said, "but for planning a full, beautiful experience for people." 

What Does Parcy Do? 

Over time, Parcy has evolved into a complete platform for both virtual and hybrid events. It includes broadcasting tools so that people can stream their videos into an event space, whether that space is live or virtual. It also includes tools such as group rooms, breakouts, one-on-one conversation sessions within events, and audience Q&A/Chat. 

In addition to providing tools for hosting virtual events, Parcy also provides tools for the planning process. For example, Parcy users can collaborate with team members to plan their events. They can assign roles and tasks to different team members within the platform. 

Essentially, users can plan, track, and adjust event elements from start to finish. Parcy is an all-in-one platform, so it has everything that its users need. 

What Makes Parcy Different? 

What separates Parcy from other forms of event planning? For one thing, it's completely user-friendly. A person doesn't have to be an event planning expert or a web developer to get the most out of Parcy and plan a beautiful event. Anyone can use these tools to create a virtual, hybrid, or live event. The tools work for events of all types and sizes. 

Parcy also helps planners customize the event experience at every step of the way. Each event is just as unique as the person who plans it. Planners can even create personalized emails and event pages, tailoring every last detail to the individual attendees. 

The Future of Parcy 

So, what does the future hold for Parcy and its users? Here at Parcy, we plan to keep up the user-friendliness and pleasing aesthetic of the platform. We'll also explore and ask questions about which tools we can use to continue making Parcy even better for our users. As Matt Riley said in our interview, "A lot of times, those little details can make all the difference in how someone is receiving an experience." Our team members will keep focusing on those little details to make sure that event planners and their audiences get an amazing experience. With Parcy, there will be no compromise. An event can be easy, custom-branded, and beautiful, all at the same time. 

Want to Learn More? 

At Parcy, we've set out to create the easiest, most intuitive, and most complete event planning platform. Want to learn more about what Parcy can offer for your events? Let’s talk! Reach out to us to get started, or schedule your demo so you can see how the platform works. No matter your experience level, Parcy has what you need to plan an amazing event.