February 17, 2020

👇 Pages translation and Campaign for status has arrived!

We’re kicking off the shortest month of the year with a short but very important update:

🔥 Send Campaigns based on Attendees Status.

Available starting today, you can send you invitation campaign splitting the list for status. This means that you will be able to resubmit campaigns using only a part of the list, depending on the status of the contacts.

For example, you can send a reminder only to users in Waiting, or send a thank you email to all people who have a Checked-In status.

You can find this important news in the marketing section of your events.

🌐 Be free to translate your Registration Page

The new "Translate" section is active in the settings area of your event pages. Starting from today, you can freely manage the response or error notifies on the registration form for your event.

If you have feedback, our team would love to hear it.

Have a great week,

- The Parcy Team